4-Sided Planer Machine P180 KLASS

Technical data

Planer spindle motor power (1st unit) HP 5,5
Rh spindle motor power (2nd unit) HP 5,5
Lh spindle motor power (3rd unit) HP 5,5
Top spindle motor power (4th unit) HP 5,5
Feed motor power HP 1 / 1,5
Max working width mm 180
Min working width mm 25
Max working height (with tool diam. 125 mm) mm 105
Min working height (with tool diam. 125 mm) mm 10
Min workpiece length (single piece) mm 350
Spindle speed rpm 6000
Feed rollers diameter (toothed and rubber coated) mm 120
Toolholder spindle diameter mm 40
Length of horizontal tools mm 190
Length of vertical tools mm 120
Weight kg 950

CE version:

  • 1st planer spindle
  • 2nd right router spindle
  • 3rd left router spindle
  • 4th upper horizontal spindle


  • Monoblock basement made of properly ribbed steel
  • Infeed table made of tubular steel, length mm 1700
  • Poly-v belts drive on all spindles, they bear the best efficiency of motors powers
  • Independent motor unit on each work unit
  • Upper traverse equipped with motorized vertical movement, with drive rollers and pressing devices adjustable simultaneously with the upper spindle for higher speed and easier setup
  • Feeding system by means of universal joints and single chain and 2-speeds motor (7-14 mtr /1′)
  • Drive by means of 4 gear wheels and 1 upper rubber wheel in outfeed
  • Blowers on the table to optimize wood sliding
  • Vertical lh spindle adjustable simultaneously with pressure unit and outfeed guide, for higher speed and easier setup
  • Pre-straightening system on the rh side by means of pre-grooving cutter head (upon request) mounted on planer spindle
  • Decimal precision reading 0,1 mm of 3° – 4° spindle displacements
  • Pneumatic pre-planer roller with exclusion on control panel
  • Manual worktable lubrication
  • Direct motor start by light push-buttons from control panel
  • Soundproof protection cabin complete with safety micro-switches
  • Control panel with magnetothermal protection
  • Lockable main switch
  • 2 pcs emergency push-buttons
  • Low voltage auxiliary circuit
  • Service keys


Set of tools: n. 02 planing cutter heads 130 x 100 x 35; n. 02 planing cutter heads 190 x 100 x 35; n. 01 pre-grooving cutter head 12 x 120 x 35 (throwaway cutters) -n. 01 knife setting gouge

Pre-grooving cutter head (throwaway cutters) 12 x 120 x 35

Planing cutter head 190 x 100 x 35 (horizontal spindles)

Planing cutter head 130 x 100 x 35 (vertical spindles)

UL/CSA rule

Volt 220 and special voltages

Automatic worktable lubrication

Automatic air and oil automizer

Additional feed wheel extension shaft in front of the lh vertical spindle, complete with gear wheel 45mm

Add. gear wheel thickness 18mm

Add. gear wheel thickness 45mm

Add. rubber wheel thickness 20mm

Add. rubber wheel thickness 50mm

Pneumatic pressure on drive units

Automatic pre-planer exclusion device at the first drive group entry

Speed variator with inverter kW 1,5

Knife setting gauge

Motor 1st planer kW 5,5 (HP 7,5)

Min. working width 15mm with no. 2 steel rollers thickness 10mm

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