Woodworking machines designed to satisfy any need both for industrial applications and craftsman’s solutions.


FAHDITALIA is a company whose core business is the design, manufacturing and selling of woodworking machine for both industrial applications and craftsman’s solutions. The factory’s products are suitable for the manufactoring of panels and solid wood.

Due to the continuous implementation of new technologies, for already existing products, and the development of new solutions offer is constantly increasing both in term of quality and in number of new solutions. The production of FAHDITALIA is characterized by a careful control and monitor of each manufacture phase and their quality level. Consequently, the production is optimized for maximum efficiency, allowing the company to realize a complete range of products with an optimum value for money.

FAHDITALIA operates with maximum transparency, commitment and experience also in the customers relationships.

Accurate and powerful, a true strength in your service.

Our machines are developed over more than thirty years’ experience, cooperating closely with both industries and craftsman involved in the wood sector.

Customers Service and Training

As MANUFACTURER we know our products in any details, therefore we are able to provide a specialized customer service and we are the optimum commercial partner both for retailers and clients.


FAHDITALIA’s products are available all over the world via a solid authorized retailers’ network, which are able to provide an effective and fast customers service if needed.

The manufacture of each machine requires almost 60 days. Some products can be customized ad hoc, like milling machine and boring machines. In particular, the latter, are designed to realize even special drill operations.

Indeed, the main company characteristics are flexibility and the optimum value for money that allows to have, on average, products with more competitive prices with respect of other competitors.

We are already present in different countries of the world

In order to increase our service, the logistic and the customer service we sell our products in different countries of the world via our reliable and selected network of retailers.


Fahd that is a company with more than thirty years working experience, manufactures woodworking machine…


If you are a retailer, and you are looking for a reliable commercial partner with more than thirty years’ experience…


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