TC 100

Spindle Moulder TC 100

Technical data

Fixed working table dimensions mm 540×1000
Aluminium Sliding table dimensions mm 312×1000
Available spindle diameters mm 30-35-40-50
Max table opening mm 230×57
Vertical stroke (spindle Ø 30-35) mm 140
Vertical stroke (spindle Ø 40-50) mm180
Working table height mm 900
Spindle speed rpm 2500/5000/8000/10000
Motor power HP 4
Weight kg 400


  • Spindle hood
  • Angular cutting device
  • Eccentric clamp
  • 2 dust extraction hoods ( 1 x ø 60 mm, 1 x ø 120 mm)


  • Spindle hood
  • Profiling spindle hood
  • Rounding spindle hood
  • Angular cutting device
  • Eccentric clamp
  • 2 dust extraction hoods (1x ø60mm,1xø120 mm)
  • Electrical configuration for feeder
  • Self-braking motor


Tilting spindle moulder 45° with electronic digital readout for corner reading

Version with aluminium sliding table (length mm 2250)

Spindle height mechanical readout

Spindle height digital readout

Motor HP 5,5 with manual star/delta switch

Motor HP 7,5 with manual star/delta switch

Automatic star/delta switch

Single-phase motor

Supplement for self-braking motor with brake release (standard version)

Overload protection and emergency button (standard version)

Reverse rotation (standard version)

Reverse rotation (CE version)

Spindle shaft with slot (standard version)

Profiling protection CE type (standard version)

Safety rounding cup TAPOA type (standard version)

Revolving support to exclude the spindle hood

Tenoning table (standard version)

Tenoning hood

Tenoning table with tenoning hood (CE version)

Frontal table extension

Interchangeable housing for spindle MK4

Extra upper spindle for MK 4

Aluminium fences for spindle hood

Lateral tables extension (total length 2100 mm)

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