AM 71

Sharpening Machine AM 71

Technical data

Motor power nr.1 motor HP 0,25; nr.1 motor HP 0,35
Wheel grinder dimension mm 150x20x6
Weight kg 86
Sharpening circular saws blades
Teeth profile triangular
Circular saws blades thickness min ÷ max mm 0,5 ÷ 3
Circular saws blades inside diameter min ÷ max mm 20 ÷ 50
Circular saws blades outside diameter min ÷ max mm 110 ÷ 600
Sharpening pitch min ÷ max mm 5 ÷ 15
Sharpening speed teeth/minute 54
Sharpening band saw blades
Teeth profile triangular
Band saw thickness min ÷ max mm 0,5 ÷ 1,5
Band saw width min ÷ max mm 10 ÷ 70
Sharpening pitch min ÷ max mm 5 ÷ 30
Sharpening speed teeth/minute 54



  • Automatic work cycle
  • Can sharpen band saw and circular saw blades
  • Can sharpen all triangular profiles even those which have some space between teeth
  • Possibility to choose the type of sharpening: tooth front only or front and back
  • Allowing the independent adjustments of the feed pitch, of the grinding wheel working depth and of the entry/exit speed
  • Its vertical design was studied to require little space and bear high workloads
  • Provided with rod and roller to support saw blades to be sharpened


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