JULY 650

Sharpening Machine for Widia Blades JULY 650

Technical data

Circular saws blade outside diameter min ÷ max mm 100 ÷ 600
Circular saws blade inside diameter mm 20-25-30-35-40-50-55-60-70-80
Sharpening pitch min ÷ max mm 5 ÷ 50
Grind speed teeth/minute 54
Diamond grind diameter mm 150
Diamond grind hole mm 20
Grind motor power HP 0,75
Pump motor power HP 0,1
Weight kg 280



  • Automatic working cycle controlled by PLC
  • Possibility to record programs and also it is possible to memorized the position of broken teeth
  • Work-head’s speed adjustable by pneumatic piston under hydraulic control
  • Feed with pusher
  • Possibility to work face and top
  • Cooling system
  • Base
  • CE wiring


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