Automatic Edge Bander with Pre-Milling and Rounding Units at 1 Motor ASTRA.60/8RA

Pre-milling unit Gluing unit End-cutting unit edge trimming unit Rounding unit

Technical data

Min width of the panel mm 100
Min length of the panel mm 120
Min length of the panel with rounding units mm 250
Max thickness of the panel mm 60
Min thickness of the panel mm 10
Edge dim. in rolls min – max mm 0,4 (min.) – mm 3 (max.)
Edge dim. in strips (with opt. kit processing edges in strips) mm 5
Feed speed m 1′ 10-14
Glue pot capacity lt 2
Installed power kW 9,6
Air pressure Bar 7
Weight kg 1180
Length of the machine mm 4200


  • Tape roll holder table ø 700 mm
  • Nr.2 tools
  • Conveyor roller for wide panels
  • 3 mm thickness roll edge cutter
  • Manual movement of the upper pressure with digital readout
  • Teflon pot
  • Protection booth on all operation units
  • Nr. 2 dust extraction hood ø 110 mm + nr. 2 ø 120 mm
  • Operating units managed by PLC   touch screen 7”
  • Quick release glue pot


  • Pre-milling unit
    • 2 HF motors 12.000 rpm – kW 1,1 each
    • 2 cutters ø 50
    • useful working height 60 mm
    • two HF motors featuring automatic timed operation to avoid panel chipping
    • 1st motor anti-clockwise rotation / 2nd motor clockwise rotation
  • Gluing and edge pressure units
    • Teflon pot / Glue spreading roller
    • Temperature controlled through the control panel
    • Glue pot with automatic stand-by of the temperature.
    • Nr. 1 rubbed pressure roller ø 70 mm ,2°,3° roller ø 55 mm
  • End-Cutting unit
    • Nr. 2 HF tilting motors 12.000 rpm – kW 0,22 each
  • Fine-Trimming unit
    • 2 HF motors kW 0,55 each
    • with digital readout
  • Rounding unit
    • 1 HF motor 12000 rpm – kW 0,55


Protection booth for gluing unit

Edge scraper with separator manifold and chip collection

Glue scraper


Anti-adhesive unit

Cleaning unit

IR lamp

Spare glue pot for EVA glue To be deducted in case of a machine equipped with a combined PU/EVA pot

Predisposition for mounting PU/EVA combined glue pot

PU/EVA combined glue pot

Diamond tools h60

Vertical copiers ‘’NESTING’’ for fine trimming unit and edge scraper

Kit processing edges in strips up to 5 mm (touch screen 7” is required)

Pre-milling motors power increase 2x kW 1,5

Software for connection with management software in accordance with the requirements of the Industry 4.0 regulations

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